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Net4sat Wiki

Why this Wiki ?

This wiki allows anyone who wants to contribute to Net4sat documentation to be able to do it in a simple and constructive way.

This wiki has for goal to collect all the documentation proposals (user, setup, …) and experience (questions, answers), etc… about Net4sat hosted tools.

With this contribution effort, we can hope to have a nearly full fledge documentation. This would facilitate the use and setting up of tools to new users and keep track of all tools evolution for regular users.

How to participate ?

Note To connect to the wiki you have to register and use your login and password.

Write a new article

1) Go to the page which will contain the link to the article that you wish to create, edit it and insert the link where you want it to appear in the page.

The link is constructed in the following way: [[namespace:NameofYourArticle | Name of your article as you wish it to appear]]

You have to respect the tree structure when you create a page.
  • The double quotes indicate that it is a link
  • namespace is the category or wiki directory on which create the article
  • :NameofYourArticle is the name of your article in the wiki syntax (no space allowed and a short name)
  • | NameofyourArticleasyouWishittoAppear is the name of the article as it will appear in the link
  • The double quotes to close it all

Example : Edit the page tutoriauxdistrib and insert [[tutorials:NewTutorial | A new tutorial]]

2) Validate

3) Then click on the link that you just created, and you will find yourself on a new page where you will be able to write your article.

Add an image to an article


  • You need an image in png format if possible.
  • You need to have opened for editing the wiki page where you want to insert the image.

Step by step

  • Click on the image button in the editing tools.
  • At the bottom of the Add an Image form, click to select the image, give it a name (optional) and then click Send.
  • Once the image has been uploaded successfully on the server, just click on the image and DokuWiki will generate the code.
If you modify the name (wikiname) of your image, keep the extension intact. Not doing so may prohibit the upload.

Add acronyms

There are two ways of adding acronyms:

  • Directly in the text with <acronym title="explanation">acronym</acronym>. This is a good choice if it appears only rarely.
  • In the conf/acronym.conf file on the server. You can ask an administrator too add your own acronym. This is a better choice for common acronyms.
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