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OpenSAND integration with OpenBACH

OpenBACH can be used along OpenSAND in order to automatize the deployment of a platform and simulations. This task is achieved by using two jobs provided:

Data collection

When using OpenSAND along OpenBACH, the OpenSAND collector is not used. Instead, the OpenBACH collector is used to store the logs and probes (which can be visualized using Kibana and Graphana during a simulation).

The interface between the OpenSAND core entities and the OpenBACH collector is implemented by the libopensand-output-openbach library.

This library is installed along OpenSAND when the job opensand_conf is installed, and is configured when this job is executed. This makes the OpenSAND core use this output library instead of the default OpenSAND output library, which sends all logs and probes to the OpenSAND collector (which in turn sends them to the OpenSAND Manager).


The workflow for launching an OpenSAND scenario using OpenBACH is detailed below. It is assumed that a working OpenBACH platform is available, with the needed hosts for an OpenSAND platform:

  1. Add the jobs opensand_run and opensand_conf to the OpenBACH controller, from the Jobs page. This action has to be performed only once.
  2. Create a project and add the necessary entities, if it has not been done yet.
  3. Install the job opensand_conf on the hosts that will emulate the satellite, the gateways and the terminals.
  4. Install the job opensand_run on the host that will launch the manager (it does not have to be one of the hosts that emulates an OpenSAND entity).
  5. Configure OpenSAND by launching opensand_conf on each entity: create a scenario, and launch opensand_conf on each entity with the appropriate parameters. This action has to be performed only once.
  6. Launch an OpenSAND scenario: create a scenario, and launch opensand_run with the appropriate parameters. This jobs needs the OpenSAND scenario configuration files to be created already. This action cannot be performed via OpenBACH yet, and has to be imported/created with the OpenSAND Manager manually.
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