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This page contains some common problems and steps to resolve them.

Data Collection problem

If no probes/logs are being collected on the OpenSAND Manager (the component status are in light blue), it may be because the OpenSAND Collector and daemons have been running long time. The problem may be solved by restarting the daemons and the OpenSAND Manager:

  1. Stop and close the OpenSAND Manager;
  2. On each host with an OpenSAND Daemon, restart the daemon (sudo systemctl restart opensand-daemon);
  3. On the host containing the OpenSAND collector, restart the collector (sudo systemctl restart opensand-collector).

Host detection

If your host does not appear on manager try the following solutions:

  1. Check that your host is correctly installed,
  2. Check if your Avahi service type is the same on daemon and on manager,
  3. Restart the daemon,
  4. Stop avahi service, start avahi service (do not only restart it),
  5. Check if avahi-discover find your host on manager,
  6. Disable network manager,
  7. Check your routes,
  8. Check if avahi-discover find your host locally,
  9. Report your problem on the mailing list.

If your host appears grey on manager:

  1. Check if there is no other manager started on the platform,
  2. Restart your daemon,
  3. Disable network manager,
  4. Report your problem on the mailing list.
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