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Welcome to the OpenSAND project Wiki

OpenSAND, formerly known as Platine is a satellite emulation testbed initially developed during the SATIP6 project. Secondly, the development has been continued in the frame of the SATSIX project. SATIP6 and SATSIX are both European IST projects. Finally, several CNES R&T studies have contributed to the enhancement of the testbed together with internal Thales Alenia Space R&D effort.

The OpenSAND project is now released under free licenses and the emulation testbed is mainly maintained by the collaboration work of Viveris Technologies, Thales Alenia Space and CNES.

OpenSAND emulates the main features of a SATCOM system, and has been inspired from the DVB-S2/RCS2 standards.


This section presents the first steps documentation:

OpenSAND Emulated Satcom features

This section presents the Satcom features emulated in OpenSAND:

These features are based on the principles described in the Satcom System Overview.

For more documentation, please consult the OpenSAND emulated Satcom features page.

OpenSAND Testbed description

This section presents the testbed description of OpenSAND:

For more documentation, please consult the OpenSAND Testbed description page.


This section regroups the F.A.Q. and the Troubleshooting.

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