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User Manual

This manual will detail how to use OpenBACH.

OpenBACH can be used via a Web Interface or via a Command Line Interface.

Web Interface usage of OpenBACH

Using the Web Interface of OpenBACH, you can :

  • List, Create, and Delete projects;
  • List, Create, Manage, and Delete entities;
  • List, Create, and Delete scenarios;
  • List, Start, and Stop scenario instances;
  • Visualize and Export statistics of scenario instances;
  • Start and Stop jobs on agents.

More information on the Web Interface User Manual.

Command Line Interface usage of OpenBACH

Using the Command Line Interface, you can use the executors of the reference scenarios to:

  • Start the executors, and export the statistics of reference scenarios instances (once they are finished);
  • Generate a JSON file for reference scenarios to manage them through the Web Interface.

In the user manual, the usage of the Command Line Interface of OpenBACH is limited.

More information on the Simple Command Line Interface User Manual.

This manual considers that an OpenBACH platform (along with projects, entities, required jobs installed on agents) is set up.

For a wider usage of the Command Line Interface of OpenBACH (advanced users and/or developers), please refer to the Developer manual.

Examples of project using OpenBACH

  • A simple example chaining reference scenarios in python is available here
  • A project that let you install, set up and run OpenBACH basic scenarios is available here
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