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Simple Command Line Interface User Manual

Using the Command Line Interface, you can use the executors of the reference scenarios to:

  • Start the executors, and export the statistics of reference scenarios instances (once they are finished);
  • Generate a JSON file for reference scenarios to manage them through the Web Interface.

Required set-up for a simple usage of the Command Line Interface

Please refer to the introduction to OpenBACH-extra and OpenBACH API for more information on the installation and usage of OpenBACH tool-box that let you manage your OpenBACH platforms.

This user manual considers that an OpenBACH platform (along with projects, entities, required jobs installed on agents) is set up.

Generic usage of the Command Line Interface

The openbach-extra repository contains a folder where you can find executors for the reference scenarios. The available list of executors can be found on the GITLAB repository.

Using the -h flag on the command-line will show you what arguments are expected when using an executor. e.g.:

python3 -h 

You fill then be able to identify the necessary arguments. There are then two possible actions:

  • run : this actions runs the selected scenario on the controller after optionnaly sending it;
  • build : write the JSON of the selected scenario into a given repository for, e.g. future usage with the Web Interface.

Both actions have different options that can be listed through the -h flag as well. e.g.:

python3 --server-entity SRV --server-ip --server-port 12345 --client-entity CLT --client-ip VoipProject run -h 
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