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Command Line Interface Administrator Manual

This manual details some auditorium scripts that can be used for administrative purposes. Be sure to read the introduction to OpenBACH-extra and OpenBACH API page before to make sure you have the scripts properly installed.

Assign collector

Using this command, you will be able to change the collector associated to an agent without having to reinstall the agent.

Push file

Using this command, you will be able to push a file from the controller to an agent. Optionally, you can use this command to push the file from your computer to the controller beforehand making the command push from your computer to an agent.

Open logs

A cron job on the collector regularly closes indexes of old logs. If you need to access logs that are closed, you can reopen them using this command by specifying a date range. This is the only command that does not adhere to the controller / login rules described above as it target a collector.

Set job log severity

Change the log severity at which a job sends its logs to its collector.

Set job statistics policy

Change the rules used by the agent to determine if a job must send its stats to the collector and / or broadcast them to the auditorium.

Kill all

Stop all jobs and scenario instances that are running through the controller.

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