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Welcome to the OpenBACH project Wiki

OpenBACH is a a benchmark for performing tests and collect different metrologies in a generic way. The OpenBACH project is a sum of several tools which allow to simplify testing and metrology of network, transport, services themes. The work have been funded by CNES and done by Viveris Technologies and Thales Alenia Space. Several CNES R&T studies with different partners have also contributed to the enhancement of the testbed.

Through web or cli Auditorium interface, OpenBACH users pilot scenarios on OpenBACH controller which orchestrates jobs on distributed agents. Agents can send stats and logs to OpenBACH global collector.

The OpenBACH project is released under free licenses and is mainly maintained by the collaboration work of Viveris Technologies and CNES.

OpenBACH main documentation is published as a Wiki. Everybody involved in OpenBACH community is welcome to create or modify the pages of this documentation for corrections and improvements.


This section regroups the different manuals:

Testbed Design

The general design of the testbed is available in the source repository as well as a PDF rendering.

Exploitation of OpenBACH

This section describes two main elements :

OpenBACH Licences

This section details the licences of OpenBACH and the third-party softwares used.


This section gathers the F.A.Q. and the Troubleshooting.


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