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Web browsing Traffic Scenario

This service allows to load one or several web pages, from an Apache2 server or real websites. It uses the OpenBACH jobs apache2 and web_browsing_qoe. The executor script can be found here.

How to launch it

The scenario can be launched with the following command:

python3 your_project --server-entity source_entity --client-entity destination_entity --server-ip source_ip_address --client-ip destination_ip_address --nb_runs nb_runs --nb_parallel_runs nb_parallel_runs --urls http://XX.XX.XX.XX --duration duration --post-processing-entity pp_entity run

The –without-apache option prevents the scenario from launching the Apache2 server.

The –no-compression option is recommended since the compression may impact the actual size of the transfer.

The source of the traffic is the Apache2 server and the destination is the node launching the web_browsing_qoe job.

Warning: the websites to fetch need to be placed in the /opt/openbach/agent/jobs/web_browsing_qoe/config.yaml file on the destination entity or specified in with the -url option. It can be websites stored on the Apache2 server, or real websites on the Internet.

Here is a description of each argument:

  • server_entity: the name of the OpenBACH agent sending web traffic
  • client_entity: the name of the OpenBACH agent receiving web traffic
  • nb_runs: the number of fetches to perform for each website
  • nb_parallel_runs: the maximum number of fetches that can work simultaneously
  • duration: the time after which the web browsing transmission is stoped (in seconds)
  • entity_pp: the OpenBACH agent post-processing statistics

Statistics returned

The scenario returns the metrics generated by the exploited jobs as a raw csv file. More details on the available metrics are given on the source of each exploited job. time_series and histograms plots are generated, plotting the temporal evolution and the CDF of the page Load Time of the website loaded.

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