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DASH Traffic Scenario

This service allows to transfer one video between two OpenBACH agents, using DASH. It uses the OpenBACH jobs dashjs player&server and dashjs client. The executor script can be found here.

How to launch it

The scenario can be launched with the following command:

python3 your_project --server-entity source_entity --client-entity destination_entity --server-ip source_ip_address --client-ip destination_ip_address --protocol protocol --duration duration --post-processing-entity pp_entity run

The source of the traffic is the DASH server and the destination is the DASH client.

Here is a description of each argument:

  • src_entity: the name of the OpenBACH agent sending DASH traffic
  • dst_entity: the name of the OpenBACH agent receiving DASH traffic
  • src_ip: the ip address of the DASH traffic source (DASH server)
  • protocol: the protocol used by DASH. Possible values are http/1.1 and http/2
  • duration: the duration of the DASH transfer
  • entity_pp: the OpenBACH agent post-processing statistics

Statistics returned

The scenario returns the metrics generated by the exploited jobs as a raw csv file. More details on the available metrics are given on the source of each exploited job. time_series and histograms plots are generated, plotting the temporal evolution and the CDF of the bitrate of the video downloaded.

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