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Network QoS scenario

This page provides instructions to exploit network_qos scenario which has been written using scenario_builder. This scenario relies on the OpenBACH job ip_scheduler to add or remove a scheduler on a chosen interface. This scheduler has three levels:

  • Weighted Round Robin per trunk
  • Weighted Round Robin per terminal inside a trunk
  • Strict Priority between 4 Classes of Service

For more information about this job, please see the page description of the job ip_scheduler. You can also find there information on how to tune the scenario (trunk, destination and class of service).

This scenario requires incoming tagged traffic. This can be done by using job set_tos. A complex scenario exploiting these functions can be found in TODO.

How to launch it

The scenario is available in network_qos.

You must already have a project (i.e. “your_project”), one entity in the project (i.e. “your_entity”), with the ip_scheduler job installed on this entity.

The executor script generate_network_qos will allow to launch it as follows.

python3 your_project --entity your_entity --interface net_iface --action add/remove --path path_to_conf_file run

The path argument is mandatory only when the action is add. It is not used if the action is remove.

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