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Jitter Metrology


Based on previous context on jitter, this scenario compares mainly the IPDV obtained as output of the OpenBACH jobs iperf3 and owping Furthermore, owping provides an assessment of PDV which can be interesting to compare with IPDV measurements.

Jitter diagnostic including post processing comparison scenario

This scenario provides a jitter diagnostic of a deployed network. It is assumed that the network is stable.


The purpose of this scenario is to compare jitter results obtained from jobs: owping and iperf3.

The jobs are launched during a configurable duration time (default 10).


The scenario proposed herein will then:

  • Launch subscenario jitter .
  • Launch two postprocessing jobs to compare the time-series and the CDF of the jitter measurements.

These scenarios have been written using the scenario builder.

How to launch it

The scenario is available in network_jitter . It uses helpers (see API scenario manual for more information on helpers), and subscenarios delay_sequential and delay_simultaneous.

You must already have a project (i.e. “your_project”), two entities in the project (a server and a client), the iperf3 and owamp jobs installed in the client and server. You also need to install histogram and time-series jobs on the “pp_entity”.

The executor script executor_network_jitter will allow to launch it as follows.

python3 -o -p your_project --client your_client_entity --ip_dst @IP --entity_pp your_entity run

Alternatively, it can create a JSON file that could be imported to the OpenBACH web interface:

python3 -o -p your_project --client your_client_entity --ip_dst @IP --entity_pp your_entity build .

An example of the type of results that this scenarios is capable of plotting is shown below:


The plots can be downloaded from the OpenBACH web interface: go to the scenario instance, click on export CSV, check the histogram and time-series boxes and click on Download.

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