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Reference Scenarios

This sections presents OpenBACH reference scenarios.

They are organized in :

  • Basic scenarios which are the main tools for one topic.
  • They can be combined in more complex scenarios for example to combine different layers metrology actions.

Concept requirements

Before launching the reference scenarios below, here are several points :

  • Understand basic concepts about OpenBACH (especially terminology of OpenBACH in design document).
  • Read the Scenario API manual section, which contains a guide on how to use the following scenarios (as well as the helpers and the reference scenarios).

To go further, there are the developer manual for jobs and OpenBACH API scenarios programming.

Basic reference scenarios

Access Scenario

This section details the available scenarios to generate OpenSAND scenario.

Scenarios Details Exploited jobs
OpenSAND Global (under test) Configure network, run an OpenSAND emulation test and clear network configuration command shellopensand, ip_route and ip_address
OpenSAND(under test) Run an Opensand emulation test (network is not configured) opensand
OpenSAND Net Conf Apply the network configuration required to run OpenSAND properly ip_route, ip_tuntap, ip_address, sysctl, ip_link
OpenSAND Satcom Conf Apply a SATCOM configuration based in configuration files Usage of push_file openbach function. No jobs are used.
OpenSAND Run Run an Opensand emulation test (network is not configured) opensand

Network Scenario


This section details the available scenarios for OpenBACH to test basic network metrology metrics.

Scenarios Details Exploited jobs
Delay metrology Scenario to compare two different delay measurements methods fping, d-itg_send, d-itg_recv
One Way Delay metrology Scenario to compare one way delay metric owamp-server, owamp-client, d-itg_send, d-itg_recv
Jitter metrology Different scenarios to compare different jitter measurements methods owamp-server, owamp-client, D-ITG (coming soon), iperf3
Rate metrology Compare different rate measurements methods iperf3, iperf2, nuttcp, rate_monitoring

The idea is to provide a full network diagnostic allowing the assessment of three metrics: delay, jitter and rate. Each metric can be computed following several tools and the scenarios herein enable the comparison between these different tools. Each tool may compute the metric of interest following another method or formula. The detail of one scenario (with a succinct formalization of the metric and it relative tools) is available in the dedicated wiki page of the metric section.


This section details the available scenarios allowing to configure your network topology.

Scenarios Details Exploited jobs
Configure link Scenario to emulate a network link like WIFI or 4G link tc_configure_link
Network QoS Scenario to cadd or remove a scheduler on a chosen interface ip_scheduler

Transport Scenario

This section details the available scenarios to generate transport-level data and configure kernel stacks (and more specifically transport parameters).

Scenarios Details Exploited jobs
Transport TCP one flow scenario Launch one tcp iperf3 flow with a transmitted size iperf3
Transport TCP stack scenario conf Scenario to configure TCP parameters tcp_conf_linux, ethtool and ip_route

Service Scenario

This section details the available scenarios to generate traffic. Each scenario allows to launch one traffic between two OpenBACH agent. They are summarized in the following table.

Mono-service Scenario

Scenarios Details Exploited jobs
VoIP traffic Scenario to generate VoIP traffic voip_qoe_src, voip_qoe_dest
DASH traffic Scenario to transfer a video using DASH dash player&server, dash client
Web browsing traffic Scenario to load Web pages from an Apache server apache2, web_browsing_qoe
Data transfer traffic Scenario to transfer data using iperf3 in TCP mode iperf3
Service FTP Scenario to transfer a file on FTP ftp_clt and ftp_srv

Traffic mix Scenario

A global scenario named service_traffic allows to launch and schedule several traffics (VoIP, DASH, Web browsing and Data transfer).

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