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Job d-itg_recv (version 0.3)

This Job principaly launches the receiver of D-ITG. It can be assimilated to a daemon running on the host. It is possible to launch multiple instances of the job at the same time.

This job is persistent

Start Command

  • Debian Ubuntu 16.04
/usr/bin/env python3 /opt/openbach/agent/jobs/d-itg_recv/

Arguments (the ones in bold are mandatory)

  • log_buffer_size: Number of packets to push to the log at once. Default: 50.
  • signal_port: Set port for signal transmission (default = 9000)


This job does not generate any statistic

Source code

The source code is reachable on the GitLab project in the d-itg_recv directory.

Help information

Job Description

This job launches the Receiver Component (ITGRecv) from the D-ITG platform. It can be assimilated to a daemon running on the server host listening to a TCP socket for incoming traffic reception requests. A new thread is created each time a request is made.


Example 1

Launch the ITGRecv on the agent, with a number of packets to push to the log at once equals to 500.

In the web interface, set the following parameters:

  • log_buffer_size = 500

Or launch the job manually from the Agent as follows:

JOB_NAME=d-itg_recv sudo -E python3 /opt/openbach/agent/jobs/d-itg_recv/ -q 500
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